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Asphalt help for home or office

Maintenance helps save driveways and parking lots...its that simple, Acorn Pro serves The Greater Toronto through to Hamilton area and as far as Niagara as a full-service asphalt Sealing maintenance company, specializing in the maintenance of top-quality asphalt sealing of driveways and asphalt parking lots using the best product on the market...oil based liquid asphalt. Yes the same product asphalt is made from and the only product to help maintain its structure. Along with related services like line painting and crack repair using hot rubberized crack filler. Your professionals at Acorn Pro are the ones to call when you’re in need of preventative or emergency maintenance for your residential or commercial asphalt Sealing and maintenance. Prolonging the life of your asphalt installation is easy when you take steps to maintain it. Regardless of the size of your asphalt driveway or the enormity of your commercial parking lot, heavy use and regular traffic will inevitably lead to minor cracks in your asphalt. Failing to act quickly to seal up those cracks can lead to faster degeneration of your asphalt surfaces. Having cracks filled or patched by Acorn Pro will help lock out moisture, which, in cold weather, can freeze and buckle your asphalt. One of the most common ways to help maintain the integrity of your asphalt is through regular asphalt sealing. A quality asphalt sealer applied professionally by Acorn every few years is key to providing lasting protection against age, weather and normal wear and tear. If it’s a large parking lot you’re sealing, you may need to repaint any faded or fully covered traffic lanes and require rubberized crack repair that will help keep your asphalt from future crumbling. Having these lines applied by Acorn using long-lasting paint ensures safe traffic flow in your parking lot. It will also ensure your parking symbols, numbers and lettering are applied to the surface properly. Contact us at Acorn and we can replenish your asphalt this summer and get it looking great Toll Free 1-888-350-1355 Local or Text 289-813-7733 

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