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Prices for 2022
Your residential driveway, big or small will recieve the same level of service...
Click on the link and find your price.

Your driveway sealing service includes the following,


-Complete inspection of your Driveway

-Minor blemishes fixed for free

-Cleaning of asphlalt, wire brush & high power blowdown

-Grass, weeds and dirt removed

-Asphalt will be sprayed with the highest grade of Liquid Asphalt 

-If any boarders are present surronding your drive such as french curbs or stamped concrete they will be protected with masking tape and extra boarding for altimate protection.

-Once your project is complete, a cation tape barrier is run across your drive to protect against traffic.

-Driveway will be usable in 24 hours

Question? Contact us, we would be happy to help.



Quick Pricing guide

Our quick price guide at a glance is for the most common driveways we seal and repair daily. Not sure? Contact us with your address and we can offer a quote and get you scheduled in. You can contact by Text at 289-628-9055 Email or at the bottom of the screen on our web page.

At Acorn Pro...we never ask for a deposit.











Asphalt Repairs...Without the big bills.

20 feet for free!
Book with Acorn and receive 20 feet of free Cold Flow crack repair...

Further Crack sealing using cold flow will be 1.00 a foot.

Need crack repair? Cold flow crack fill is a great product for filling even stubborn cracks.

Hot Rubberized Crack Sealing

Yes, Residential too!

Hot Rubberized Crack fill just like we do on roads and parking lots. We do have a minimum charge. Contact us for more info.


State of the art Infrared Heat repair.

No cut Seams, Amazing results

Minimum Charge applies


State of the art infrared heat repairs is the latest in pavement repair. Heating or re-melting the asphalt back to its original mixed temperature.

Any age, condition of damage this method is a sure fix with no seems. Truly what the residential market is been waiting for.

A little bit...about different sealers.

About Pavement

Asphalt is a product made of sand, stone and liquid asphalt, which naturally rejects water. The liquid asphalt holds the sand and stone together to make your pavement, these three products together make asphalt pavement. Pavement, once installed oxidizes within the first month after installation, which causes the asphalt pavement to become brittle and crack over time. Only a petroleum-based product can penetrate the pavement and renew/replace the lost oils and recondition this from happening. Coal-tar and Polymer-modified-tar or rubberized latex products? do not...they are a paint that coats the pavement and destroys your asphalt as soon as the sun starts warming up. Oil based sealer IS ASPHALT.

Oil Based Sealer

When performing our seal services, we only use Oil Based Sealer, a petroleum-based product that penetrates cracks in asphalt. This sealer renews and restores asphalt, as well as allows it to breath, expand, and contract with temperature. Additionally, it can be applied in all types of weather except rain. 

Contact us for your free quote

Toll Free1-833-222-2676

Local & Text 289-628-9055

Its really easy,

Simply contact by call, text email or by our website in the bottom corner  were we have a contact portal. We would be happy to talk.


Latex Water based, Cole Tar and Rubberized Sealers

Our business does not use latex water sealers in any job we perform. It has no renewing qualities, cannot be applied in all temperatures, and does not allow asphalt to expand, which causes hairline cracks.

These products Coal-tar and Polymer-modified-tar or rubberized latex products? do not..often sold by manufactors and applied by contractors that do not warn the consumers about the problems with this type of sealer, but can be identified by highlighting water as an additive or applied by a large sqeegy. 

asphalt sealing is the key to keeping a structurally sound and attractive surface. We recommend sealing 12 months after installation and every 2 years thereafter.

Acorn Pro is  your asphalt sealing specialist, offering residential and commercial asphalt sealing services to The Southern Ontario area since 1988. Our customers rank us number one and its no accident...we work hard for all of our customers.

By sealing your asphalt you will protect the naturally porous surface of blacktop. Unprotected surfaces remain porous, dry out, become rough and lose their life rapidly. With proper care, your driveway will give you many years of service. We use the highest quality sealing products to protect your investment.

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